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Take the Train to the Modernist Milton Keynes
inposted March 19, 2021
Take the Train to the Modernist Milton Keynes
1. Introduction to Milton KeynesMilton Keynes is a small town west of London. It was one of the new towns built by the British government to relieve the congestion in London in the 1960s. Unlike most Victorian towns in England, the modernist design layer of Milton Keynes has repeatedly appeared on the covers of major British architecture magazines, and the landmark Xscape shopping mall has the largest indoor ski resort in the UK.Milton Keynes is located between London and Birmingham. It is the economic center of the UK and a successful model of the country's new town construction. The town is surrounded by forests, dotted with artificial lakes, and the scenery is very beautiful. It used to be a small village that was unknown. Then the new city construction divided the town into many square blocks. Most of them are residential areas. They are planned and designed in detail by different architects. Almost no two residential areas have the same planning mode and residential style.2. Go to Trainpal's Official Website to Buy Train Tickets to Milton KeynesThis city is so beautiful, do you want to feel "her" grace? Tickets for Milton Keynes are now available on Trainpal's website for as little as £60.
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