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Buy Train Tickets to York and best things to do in York
inposted June 28, 2021
Buy Train Tickets to York and best things to do in York
York is located in the northeast of England, the capital of North Yorkshire, and has the status of a municipality. Because the Roman Empire and the Vikings have a deep historical relationship, York obtained rich historical resources from it, and these resources also greatly promoted the town’s tourism industry. In addition to attracting tourists with rich cultural scenery, York today also has delicious and fragrant chocolates-all thanks to the long history and sophisticated chocolate factories in the town. If you are visiting York for the first time, You can check the following to see what's fun.1.     York MinisterYork Minster is currently the largest medieval Gothic church in Europe. The church began construction in 1220 and was completed 250 years later. The exterior of the church is very majestic and majestic. The cathedral regularly hosts choir performances, sitting in the chapel and listening, just like heaven.2.     Yorkshire MuseumOne of the most famous museums in the UK. The collection displays various precious jewels and cultural relics from the ancient Roman, Saxon, and Viking eras. The garden in front of the museum-the museum garden, is very British Victorian style, and in the garden you can see the ruins of the dilapidated St. Mary's Abbey. In front of the site, there are many piles of leftover rubble. You can stand up and take pictures, but the surface of the stones is very smooth. Please pay attention to your safety.3.     Clifford’s TowerClifford Tower is one of the remaining relics of York Castle. It is located on a small hill in the south of the city. It can be climbed to the top of the tower along the spiral staircase in the tower and has a panoramic view of York City.4.     National Railway MuseumBritain is the birthplace of railways, and its unique "train" culture has always been one of the cultural elements that tourists from other countries compete to taste and explore.Finally, if you come to York by train, you can go to York Railway Station. York Railway Station is very small and exquisite, and the architectural style is quite a bit of "Harry Potter". There are frequent trains in the railway station, and it is about two hours from London. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you take a train to go there. After the train station is the famous York City Wall, you can take a bus to the Outlet opposite the train station.
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