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Our cheap train tickets bring you a wonderful day

It is easy to find and buy cheap UK train tickets via TrainPal. Users can save up to 95% through TrainPal’s smart Split Tickets and digital Railcard on sale. New TrainPal users also get a £5 voucher. Students and frequent commuters can enjoy Student Discount and Paller Premium on TrainPal to save more.

Booking train tickets in advance with TrainPal cuts your travel costs. Any ticket you buy is good value for money. If you want a cheap train ride from Heathrow to London or a ticket to Stansted, book online with us now to secure an affordable and comfortable journey.

With our Resell Tickets, you can sell your unused ticket to other travellers. If the sale goes through, you'll get a full refund and pay no admin fees. At the same time, the buyer gets the ticket at a lower price. Our App also comes with a few nifty features. For instance, Price Hunter will help you buy tickets at the best possible price by monitoring the fare for a selected trip.

Continue reading to find out more about how to book cheap train tickets online.

How to find Cheaper Train Tickets

Looking for cheap train tickets? We've got you covered! Check out the suggestions below and discover tips you can use to save on your next train journey.

Split Tickets

TrainPal offers users up to 90% of savings from the original train fares in the UK. With a flexible split ticketing option, TrainPal gives travellers the best value for their money to help them save even more. First-class split tickets are also available.

New User £5 Off Voucher Bundle
New User £5 Off Voucher Bundle

First-time users of the TrainPal App will receive a £5 Off mega savings bundle.

Digital Railcards

National Railcards offer up to 1/3 off train tickets in the UK and can be a great investment if you travel a few times or more in a year. Find out how you can save with a TrainPal Railcard.

Student Discount

If you are a new student user, you can use your TrainPal student discount code during checkout to enjoy a 5% discount on your first train ticket. As existing users, you can also enjoy an extra £5 off on Digital Railcards.

To enjoy these perks, simply register and verify your student status with Student Beans for free.

PalDay Voucher Pack
PalDay Voucher Pack

Train ticket vouchers are available in the TrainPal App at affordable prices. From Thursday to Sunday, we have special promotions that feature more appealing voucher packages.

Paller Premium
Paller Premium

PALLER members can upgrade their membership status to PALLER Premium by simply earning 3,500 PalPoints within 1 year. Upgraded users will receive a 1-year Premium membership and can enjoy additional perks, such as Cashbacks, Free Cancellation, No Booking Fees and VIP Email Support.

How to buy cheap train tickets on Our App

01 Search

Enter the departure, arrival destination and your travel information.

02 Compare Price

Compare the different flights available.

03 Confirm Journey

Choose the best route for you and book train/coach tickets on TrainPal Website or App.

04 Download eTicket

Download your eTicket/mobile ticket or print out your tickets.

Wish you a pleasant journey!

Use TrainPal to get your cheap train tickets,you will find a huge discount here!

Our customers can always find surprises and buy rail tickets with a favorable price, whether in the UK or Europe.

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Why Don't Use Railcards To Save Money

If you own a Digital Railcard on the TrainPal App, you will immediately enjoy one-third discount on UK train tickets, saving an average of £181 per year). At the same time, your TrainPal account will add a digital railway card which can be directly used on devices. Very convenient!

In addition,Two Together Railcard can let named passengers save 1/3 of eligible fares, and the best discount for couples can be reduced by £ 15! Family & Friends Railcard can save 1/3 of eligible fares, and children can save up to 60% of fares, with an average annual savings of up to £ 114!


· Great for ages 16-25 solo travel
· Save 1/3 on eligible rail-travel fares
· Average annual savings up to £189!
· 3-year Railcard available to under 24s only

See Details >

· Great for ages 26-30 solo travel
· Save 1/3 on eligible rail-travel fares
· Average annual savings up to £251!

See Details >

· For ages 16+ couples travel together
· Named passengers save 1/3 on eligible fares
· £15 each! Best discount for couple travel

See Details >

· Great for families who love to travel
· 1-4 adults save 1/3 on eligible fares, 1-4 children save 60%
· Average annual savings up to £114!

See Details >

What Is Split Ticketing?

What Is Split Ticketing?

You can divide a trip into two parts, and then buy tickets separately. This helps passengers find cheaper tickets and save a lot of money. If you are looking for cheap train tickets in the UK, you can use TrainPal, which can help travellers save up to 90% of the ticket price in the UK!

When you want to go from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly, you can buy a ticket from London Euston to Crewe, and then buy a ticket from Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly. The whole cost of these two tickets will be cheaper!

Split ticketing helps passengers find cheaper tickets and save a lot of money. In addition to the traditional split ticketing features, TrainPal also offers a flexible split ticketing option which gives travellers the best value to help them save even more. First-class split tickets are also available.

Click the below button and explore it with TrainPal!

Other Save Money Tips

Check out below to know how you can save even more via TrainPal after booking your tickets!

Price Hunter

Price Hunter helps you find cheaper rates for a ticket that you have booked in our App and you can switch your original ticket to a lower-price ticket.

Resell Tickets

With Resell Tickets in our App, you can sell your unwanted tickets to other travellers. If the sale goes through, you'll get a full refund and pay no admin fees, while the buyer will get their ticket at a lower price. Everyone wins!

Buy cheap First Class train tickets

If you don't want to save money at the expense of comfort, there are many ways to enjoy first-class benefits with a tight budget. Try our first-class ticket-splitting feature and book in advance.

Get last-minute train tickets

Want to get cheaper same-day rail fares? Download TrainPal App now to get the best deals on the same day of departure.

Cheap tickets across Europe

You have broader options than National Rail to book cheap train tickets. Use our App to get big discounts on train tickets to various destinations across Italy. We also provide a wide array of savings deals for travelling by major rail routes across the continent.

Frequently asked questions

When Are Cheap Train Tickets Available?
Cheap train tickets are available 12 weeks before the date of departure. The earlier you book, the more money you save. On average, travellers save as much as 61% by booking tickets early.
Where Can I Find Cheap Train Tickets?
You can find cheap train tickets on our website and in the TrainPal App.Our Split Tickets feature allows you to realise higher savings.
Do I Need to Grab Cheap Train Tickets?
Generally, train fares are higher when you book them near your travel date. The trick to finding cheap train tickets is advance booking. The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket price will be. You can book tickets in advance as early as 12 weeks before your travel date to enjoy high discounts.
Are Cheap Train Tickets Released in Limited Amount Everyday?
A: The number of trains and the number of tickets released per day is relatively fixed. However, you can buy cheap train tickets by booking in advance, using Split Tickets, or using Railcard and vouchers.
Can Group Buying Help Save More on Train Tickets?
If you're travelling in a group of 3 to 9 adults, you can use GroupSave to enjoy a discount of up to 34% on participating services. If you're travelling as a family and you want to save money on train fares, we recommend that you buy a Family & Friends Railcard to save up to 1/3 off your train travel all year round. Plus, you get to enjoy 60% discounts on child fares.


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