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What Is Split Ticketing?

When you want to travel from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly, you would expect to buy a ticket going directly from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from London Euston to Stoke on Trent, and then one from Stoke on Trent to Manchester Piccadilly.

This means you could buy two independent tickets for the same journey, pay much less. The same applies to buying tickets more than two.

What’s more, you may even find it much cheaper if you accept flexible journey. For example, buy two tickets from London Euston to Stoke on Trent and from Stoke on Trent to Manchester Piccadilly, with 10 minutes wait at Stoke on Trent. These concepts are what we called split ticketing, and it helps passengers saving a lot money.

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Split ticketing involves buying multiple single fares on the route of one journey for less than cost of a direct ticket.
TrainPal, a ticketing app and website, showed that it was possible to secure cheaper fares on 64 percent of routes by “splitting” the journey…comma

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Ste Parry

Wish I would of found out about this app 3 years ago I would saved my self a fortune ... Highly recommend. comma


I just like the idea that it does everything automatically to try and save you money. The split ticket system is something I have used on a couple of occasions but generally a good way to book my increasing number of train journeys I am doing.comma

How To Book Split Train Tickets?

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FAQs About Split Ticketing

  • Q: Are split tickets legal?

    A: Split ticketing is perfectly legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Carriage, under which all train operating companies on the national rail network operate.
  • Q: Will it work on any routes?

    Split ticket results rely on real-time fares and can vary in price from day to day depending on demand. So you may find a route can be splited at this moment but cannot be splited 4 hours later.
  • Q: Does it work with railcards?

    Yes. You're just buying normal tickets and, provided your railcard is valid on them, there's no problem. On odd occasions splitting without using a railcard works out even cheaper.
  • Q: Can I split advance tickets or open return tickets?

    Yes. We offer split tickets with all ticket types: Advance, Off-peak, Anytime, and other types that you could find. We also offer all journey types: Single, Return and Open Return split ticket results, which you can enjoy your journey with fantastic savings.