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Purchase a Train Ticket to Oxford to Appreciate the Charm of Oxford
inposted March 9, 2021
Purchase a Train Ticket to Oxford to Appreciate the Charm of Oxford
1. Attractions in OxfordOxford is one of the most popular tourist cities in Britain. In Oxford, there are institutions of higher education coveted by many excellent students around the world. At the same time, Oxford is the hometown of the fairy tale called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.1) Oxford UniversityAs a historic global-famous university, Oxford University attracts many visitors. Even if you are unable to become an alumnus of those celebrities, it's beneficial for you to feel the atmosphere of learning there. 2) Christ Church CollegeIn the film Harry Potter the auditorium of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's the largest college at Oxford University. Sixteen Prime Ministers of the U.K. graduated here within recent 200 years, so it became the college with the most expensive tickets.3) Radcliffe CameraRadcliffe Camera, constructed in 1749, is the most typical landmark building in Oxford City. It's a famous British tourist attraction, and the unique elliptic dome makes it become one of the most famous landmarks of Oxford. It's also the most authoritative library in Oxford, and it collects a copy of all books published by Oxford University.2. It's very convenient to go to Oxford from LondonIt takes around one hour to go to Oxford from London Paddington Station by train, which is convenient. You just need to spend two minutes booking a train ticket to Oxford on Trainpal if you want to visit this beautiful old city!
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