Take A Direct Train from London to Plymouth to Feel the Romance of the Seaside Town

inposted March 9, 2021

1. Must-visit Attractions in Plymouth

Plymouth, a small coastal city, is inexplicably pleasant with its fresh air. Especially after living in a noisy city for a long time, the tranquility here is really healing. Looking at the sea, facing the sea breeze, as if all troubles have been blown away...

Like most British coastal cities, Plymouth is not a big city. It is located on the southwest coast of England in a low-key way. However, it is a good place for eating, drinking, and playing.

1) Hoe Park

Along the long coastline, accompanied by blue sky, white clouds, and oncoming sea breeze, you can enjoy every frame of picturesque scenery in front of you. In the summer, you can swim in the open-air swimming pool Tinside Lido. It is definitely an unforgettable experience! Go west and you will reach West Hoe Park. Its main feature is the entertainment facilities. The spacious playground here is especially suitable for a family to relax.

2) Smeaton's Tower

There is a strong contrast between red and white. Coupled with the blue sky and sea as the strongest background, the filming rate is very high. The lighthouse is in Highland Park, so you don't have to bother to check the distance. The lighthouse is open to the public for a period of time every year, and you can have the opportunity to climb to the highest point and have a panoramic view of Plymouth.

3) National Marine Aquarium

As the "British Ocean City", Plymouth Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the UK. There are not only more than 4000 species of marine life but also one after another amazing activities. For example, spending the night with a shark sounds like an exciting but inexplicable activity. In addition, there is aquarium yoga, and so on. There are many surprises waiting for you to explore the mysterious ocean world.

2. From London to Plymouth

There is a direct train to Plymouth from London Paddington Railway Station. You can take the train to Plymouth in about 3 hours. The train station is not very far from the city center. If you don't have a lot of luggage, you can just walk and go shopping! Passengers who occasionally want to come for a healing and sublimation tour can quickly book cheap train tickets on Trainpal's official website!