From London to the Southwest End of England-Cornwall

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1. Cornwall Attractions Sharing

Cornwall is the little corner protruding from the bottom left of the map of the United Kingdom, and Land's End is right here. It can be seen from the map that it is a peninsula deep into the Atlantic Ocean, almost completely surrounded by the ocean. As a result, there are magnificent coastal landscapes, beautiful islands, and beaches, and many movies have been shot here.

1)Land's End

Land's End is the most southwestern corner of the British land. Here stands a 200-foot-high granite cliff that extends to the Atlantic Ocean. The coast here has a special style, not a gentle one. The sea breeze here is strong, and the waves are rough even on a sunny day.

2) The Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre is located in the fishing village of Porthcurno in the southwest corner. It is a world-famous outdoor theatre. The entire theater is carved on a granite cliff and turned into a garden overlooking the bay of the town.

3) Eden Project

Eden Project is known as the eighth wonder of the world. It is a huge tropical botanical park that brings together many plants from almost the world. Unlike ordinary greenhouse parks, Eden Project is the world's largest ecological greenhouse rebuilt on abandoned mines, which attempts to show the special relationship between people and plants. Now, this miracle has not only become a place for people to relax and entertain, but also a natural classroom with educational significance.

2. How to Get from London to Cornwall?

Penzance, located in South Cornwall, can be used as a transit station for everyone to visit. There are convenient buses and trains to reach most places in Cornwall. Penzance can be reached by train in major cities in the UK. Please go to Trainpal's official website for information on cheap train tickets. There are high-speed trains and even Night Riviera Sleeper Service from London to Cornwall, and there are multiple trains from Bath and Bristol to Cornwall every day. More information can also be found on Trainpal's official website.