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How to find the cheapest train tickets to Newcastle

Are you looking for ways to save money on train tickets to Newcastle? We've got you covered. We understand that finding affordable train tickets can be a bit tricky, but with our top tips, you'll be able to save some money and even have some extra cash to spend exploring the city. Here are our recommended ways to find cheap train tickets to Newcastle:

1. Get a Railcard: With a Railcard, you can save up to 1/3 on your train tickets for a whole year.

2. Book in Advance: Most UK train companies, including Avanti West Coast, LNER, GWR, and East Midlands Railway, release tickets 12 weeks in advance. By booking early, you can take advantage of the cheaper fares.

3. Travel Off-Peak: Tickets are typically cheaper during quieter times on weekdays and weekends.

4. Use GroupSave: If you're traveling in a group of 3-9 people, you could save 34% on your train tickets.

5. Split your train tickets Breaking your journey into separate tickets can sometimes be cheaper than buying one ticket for the entire journey.

For more information on each of these tips, keep reading below. With these tips, you'll be able to save money on your train tickets and have a great time exploring Newcastle.

1. Get a Railcard

If you're a frequent train traveler but don't travel enough to justify a Season Ticket, consider getting a National Railcard. These cards offer significant savings, allowing you to save up to 1/3 off the price of your train tickets*. With a range of Railcards available, catering to different age groups and circumstances, you're bound to find one that suits you perfectly. Whether you're a senior, a person with disabilities, or a millennial, there's a Railcard for you.

The Senior Railcard offers discounted fares for those aged 60 and over, while the Disabled Persons Railcard provides savings for individuals with disabilities. And for millennials, there's the 26-30 Railcard, also known as the Millennial Railcard. Each Railcard comes with its own eligibility requirements, so be sure to check our Railcards page for more information or to purchase one online.

By investing in a Railcard, you'll enjoy substantial savings on your train journeys throughout the year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save money while experiencing the convenience and comfort of train travel. Get your Railcard today and start enjoying discounted fares on your trips.

2. Book in advance

Another essential tip for saving money on train travel is to book your tickets in advance. Prices tend to increase as the departure date approaches, so securing your tickets as early as possible can help you find cheap train tickets to Newcastle. Most train companies release Advance tickets for sale 12 weeks in advance, giving you ample time to plan your journey and snag the best deals.

Don't forget to combine your Railcard with your Advance ticket for extra savings. With this winning combination, you'll enjoy even greater discounts on your train travel expenses.

3. Travel Off-Peak

When booking your Advance ticket, it's worth considering traveling during Off-Peak hours. When using TrainPal, be sure to explore all the ticket options in the drop-down menu. We'll highlight the cheapest Off-Peak tickets available, helping you save even more.

Before finalizing your ticket purchase, take a moment to compare the prices of Return tickets versus two single tickets. Sometimes, one option may be more cost-effective than the other. TrainPal also offer a unique feature that provides you with split ticketing options, including a return ticket. This innovative solution can sometimes save you even more money on your journey.

By being savvy with your ticket choices, you can maximize your savings and make your journey to Newcastle even more affordable. Start exploring the options on our platform and find the perfect combination of tickets that suits your budget and travel needs.

4. Use GroupSave

Are you planning a trip to Newcastle with a group of 3 to 9 people? Well, we have some great news for you! With GroupSave, you can enjoy a discount of 34% on Off-Peak services. This fantastic offer is available without the need for a physical Railcard (although it does appear in the Railcard dropdown when making a booking). Please note that GroupSave eligibility varies among different train companies. If valid for your journey and selected in the Railcard dropdown, the discount will be automatically applied. To qualify for GroupSave, all tickets must be purchased in a single booking, and all passengers must travel together on the day of departure.

For more tips and tricks on finding the Cheapest Train Tickets to Newcastle , be sure to visit our dedicated page on Cheap Train Tickets. We're here to help you make the most of your journey while saving money along the way.

5. Split your train tickets

Discover a clever way to save money on your train journey with our latest feature – SplitTickets. Did you know that breaking your journey down into separate parts and purchasing individual tickets for each leg can sometimes be cheaper? With SplitTickets, we automatically find smart combinations of tickets to help you save money on most routes across the UK.

The best part? You don't have to worry about unnecessary train changes. SplitTickets does all the work for you, seamlessly splitting your trip into multiple legs while ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey. Simply look for the SplitTickets icon when searching for your desired route in our app.

Start exploring the money-saving possibilities with SplitTickets and enjoy an affordable and hassle-free train journey across the UK. Don't miss out on this fantastic feature that puts more money back in your pocket.

Places to visit in Newcastle

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Blog Posts featuring Newcastle

Take a train from London Victoria to Newcastle
Take a train from London Victoria to Newcastle
1. Newcastle SharingNewcastle is a British railroad station located in Newcastle, England, and is one of five underground stations serving the city center. The station was opened in 1850. In the recent years Newcastle station has a significant increase in passenger numbers. It is a nationally important transport station, serving as both a terminus and a direct station on the main line between London and Edinburgh. There are also many sightseeing attractions near Newcastle station, some museums are recommended to visit. 1)South Shields Museum & Art GalleryThe South Shields Museum & Art Gallery is located in the east of Newcastle and was converted into a museum in 1876. The museum is divided into two floors, displaying stories of local social history, industrial development and maritime history, as well as some artwork exhibitions. The museum details the history of the area, making visitors more intensely interested in local life, and the museum can draw visitors closer to the local culture. The museum is only open from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. The museum does not require admission and is free to visit.2)Stephenson Railway MuseumStephenson Railway Museum is located at Middle Engine Ln, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK. The museum recreates the glory of steam trains of the last century and is very historical and cultural. The most famous exhibits in the museum are the rocket named Billy and some locomotive engines. Proudly, some of the steam and diesel locomotives on display in the museum can still work. Unusually, the museum is only open on weekends and legal holidays in the afternoon, so if you are interested in the museum, you should pay special attention to the museum's opening hours. The museum also does not require admission. 2.How to get from London Victoria to NewcastleThe distance from London Victoria to Newcastle is about 290 km and takes about 211 minutes by train. You will take a train from King’s Cross Station, which will take you directly to Newcastle station. Welcome to choose Trainpal's official website to book cheap train tickets. We will provide you with one-stop ticketing service.
Travel & Visit Newcastle
Travel & Visit Newcastle
Why visit Newcastle?Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the northernmost city in England, is also one of the coldest, if one refers to the climate. In terms of atmosphere, it would rather be among the warmest, especially on football match days! Its inhabitants, nicknamed the Geordies, still use the old language which bears the same name. They are bon vivant, who love to party and will gladly invite you to join them. Newcastle is not just about football and theaters, it is a city that has many architectural attractions.Follow the guide, we take you to discover the most festive city in the country.Travel & Visit NewcastleTo help you organize your stay in Newcastle, we have listed the tours and places of interest to do in Newcastle.Where to stay in Newcastle (apartments, hotels, hostels, ...)?Newcastle is a rather opulent city, which has a good hotel offer. You will find a wide range of accommodation, from the youth hostel to the luxury hotel, including the traditional Bed & Breakfasts.If you are going to Newcastle to party, do not hesitate to settle in the Quayside district, by the river Tyne. You will be near the famous Tyne Bridge, Saint Nicholas Cathedral and Center for Contemporary Art Baltic. Also in the center and close to museums and the castle, the historic city center, the Grainger, is also a good option for accommodation. You can even walk to St James Park if you want to attend a soccer game. Do you prefer a quieter area? Look at Jesmond's side.How to get to Newcastle?Newcastle upon Tyne has an airport located to the north of the city, 15 minutes from the center. There are regular direct flights from France (Paris and Nice in particular). You can then reach the city by public transport, or by car if you have opted for car rental or private transfer.It is also possible to include the city in an itinerary in England from the capital. Trains and buses leave from London daily to Newcastle.It should also be noted that Newcastle is a two-hour drive from Edinburgh in Scotland. Train and bus transfers are frequent between these two cities. To find a train or coach at the best price for your trip, use TrainPal!When to go to NewcastleIf Newcastle is a rather cool city, because of its situation in the north of England, it nevertheless benefits from an oceanic climate. As a result, the temperature variations are small and it rarely freezes. Like any region of England, it is regularly watered, but the rainfall remains reasonable there, except in April and the last three months of the year.Consequently, it is preferable to choose the period from May to October, July being the warmest and least rainy. The temperatures will be around 20 °, but you could have surprises with days above 30 °! The Christmas period is also to be considered to go to Newcastle, to take advantage of its festive atmosphere.
The 7 essential things to do in Newcastle
The 7 essential things to do in Newcastle
Visit Newcastle: what are the best things to do and see in the city of Geordies?Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in the north-east of England with a population of approximately 270,000. The city is located between Edinburgh in Scotland and London. It is known around the world for its football team and for the special accent of its inhabitants, named the Geordies!The origins of Newcastle date back more than 2,000 years. At the time, the Romans had built an imposing fort there to protect their empire. Years later, the industrial revolution allowed Newcastle to develop actively. The economy was then centred around the steel and coal trade. One of the largest production centres in the world, Newcastle quickly became a rich and attractive city, establishing itself as one of the most important in England.Today, the city has evolved into a modern, artistic and lively metropolis. Its often original architecture and its museums make it a cultural city in which there is a warm atmosphere. It was also named European Capital of Culture in 2008.Are you planning to visit Newcastle upon Tyne and wonder what you can discover in this British city? Here is a selection of 7 essentials to visit during your trip.1. Castle KeepWhat would a visit to Newcastle be without going through the "new castle" to which the city owes its name? The discovery of Newcastle Castle and its keep, which dates back to 1178, is possible every day. You can observe a panoramic view of the whole city.Children's tours are also planned, with re-enactments and costumed guides. Its Norman stone architecture and fun tours make this site an unmissable point of interest in the city. You don't know what to do in Newcastle when you arrive? So don't miss the Castle Keep.2. The banks of the TyneSure, visiting the quays along the River Tyne is a must to visit Newcastle. On Sundays, you will find a market for clothes, antiques and art called Quayside.You can also take a stroll along the quays to discover the modern architecture of this area of ​​Newcastle. Among the highlights of the panorama, there is, of course, the Millenium Bridge. This pedestrian bridge was built in 2000. It is the first in the world to use a side rotation system to let boats through. This spectacle, which lasts about 4 minutes, makes it very popular with travellers, as does its colourful illumination at night.3. DowntownThe heart of Newcastle is bustling with its many shops and restaurants. Neoclassical architecture is very present, especially in Gray Street, often considered one of the most beautiful in England. In the evening, you will discover the hectic atmosphere of a university and cultural city. You will quickly realize this: Newcastle is a festive city!It is also a student city that hosts a very famous university in England, founded in 1834. It is separated into three faculties: medicine, humanities and social sciences and science. Visiting the campus and its period building is very interesting to discover.Book your train to Newcastle4. BALTIC Museum of Contemporary ArtThe BALTIC museum, located on the banks of the Tyne, is considered an emblem of the city’s modern architecture. BALTIC is one of the largest museums of contemporary art in the world.His particularity? There is no permanent gallery. This museum hosts constantly renewed exhibitions, as well as numerous events where influential personalities from the artistic world express themselves. BALTIC is a museum to discover without hesitation if you are looking for what to do in Newcastle. There is also a gourmet restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Tyne River!5. Sage GatesheadYou can't miss this peculiarly shaped building when you visit the banks of the Tyne in Newcastle. It is on the Gateshead side, and you will definitely have to take the Millennium Bridge to get a closer look.Opened in 2004, The Sage is actually a performance hall, which has been ranked among the best in the world. Its curved glass and steel design can be enjoyed from the outside as well as from the inside. Indeed, it allows you to enjoy exceptional acoustic performance. There are three different stages, which allows the Sage to offer hundreds of concerts each year.The biggest stars of the song are regularly there. So, if you don't know what to do in Newcastle to occupy your evenings, you can find out about the concerts planned during your stay. The opportunity to live amazing sound experience.6. The Angel of the NorthAngel of the North is a sculpture created by artist Sir Antony Gormley in 1998. It stands 20m high and is 54m wide. Designed as a kind of totem, this work has become the emblem of the city of Gateshead.It is located on Birtley Hill, above the city centre. Built exclusively of steel, the structure withstands the sometimes complicated weather conditions in England, and it seems that we come to admire it a little for this reason too… It represents the transition from the industrial era to the era of information and marks the evolution of the Newcastle-Gateshead region.7. Things to see and do in NewcastleSt James' Park stadium: Going to a game in Newcastle is the best way to soak up the bustling city.Gateshead: Gateshead town centre is great to explore for half a day.The North Sea: You can get to South Shields by tube and take a stroll by the sea to experience a peaceful country feel, very close to Newcastle.Sunderland: The small town of Sunderland, connected by the Newcastle underground, is best known for its football team but also has a lot of charm.Grainger Market: The Grainger Market is a covered market where you can come to eat, buy fresh products or simply visit the many small shops! A must when visiting Newcastle.
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