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Edinburgh is a truly fascinating and beautiful city of Scotland with a wealth of attractions. Take a train to Edinburgh and enjoy what it has to offer for every visitors. Edinburgh's main attractions are there for all to see: Edinburgh Castle, the grandeur of the Royal Mile, the endless shows of the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe during August. 

Taking the train to Edinburgh is the simplest and easiest way to visit this extraordinary city. There are frequent and rapid direct links between London and other British cities. In Edinburgh, one of the main railway stations is in Edinburgh Waverley, in the heart of the city centre. Edinburgh's Haymarket is the city's second train station. Each can be reached directly by the tram system to various destinations in the city.

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Trains to Edinburgh Popular Routes

Trains from England to Edinburgh run along the east coast mainline. Other train services come from Glasgow or Inverness and Aberdeen in the 

north of Scotland. Edinburgh has frequent and rapid direct transport links with other British cities. Check out some of the most popular routes to Edinburgh, or you can search for other stations in our train ticket page. Don't forget to buy your train ticket in advance, which will save you a lot.

Trains to Edinburgh From Aberdeen 

It takes an average 2h traveling by train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. The fastest route is 1h 27minutes. You can find the cheapest train ticket by £18.4, leaving at 07:07. It only takes you 2h 24m. On the train ticket purchase page, don’t forget to click the "book" button to find the cheapest train ticket from Aberdeen to Edinburgh on TrainPal.

Trains to Edinburgh From Glasgow

It takes an average 1h or less than 1h traveling by train from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The fastest route is 49minutes. You can find a train ticket by £15.3, leaving at 06:00 which saves you a lot of time. On the train ticket purchase page, don’t forget to click the "book" button to find the cheapest train ticket from Glasgow to Edinburgh on TrainPal.

Trains to Edinburgh From London

It takes about 4-5 hours traveling by train from London to Edinburgh. The fastest route is 4 hours 19 minute by £74.0 which saves you a lot of time but doesn’t cost you a lot. On the train ticket purchase page, don’t forget to click the "book" button to find out cheaper train tickets from London to Edinburgh on TrainPal.

Trains to Edinburgh From Manchester

It takes an average 1h-2h traveling by train from Manchester to Edinburgh. On the train ticket purchase page, don’t forget to click the "book" button to find out cheaper train tickets from Manchester to Edinburgh on TrainPal.

Places to visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent historical monument, overlooking the city from its volcanic cliffs: the bustling metropolis, surrounding countryside and nature. Edinburgh Castle attracts more than a million visitors a year to explore its fascinating history, which is a great place to start your journey in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh zoo is a popular tourist attraction in the west of the city, not far from Edinburgh airport. The park covers about 80 acres and visitors can see about 127 different animals and more than 1,000 species. The most popular attractions are Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang, otherwise known as Sunshine and Sweetie.

With plants from all over the world and nestled in beautiful gardens, the royal botanic gardens is an ideal place for peaceful walks and picnics, where you can indulge in a burst of color at this time of year.

Stroll along the royal boulevard and you'll find a world of quaint shops, exotic bars and restaurants where you can get proper rest.

If you're a first-time visitor to Edinburgh or even Scotland, you want to taste some of the world's most famous Scotch whiskies, along the Royal Mile, there's one of the five-star attractions here The Scotch Whisky Experience - you'll experience the wonders of scotch whisky.

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How to find the cheapest train tickets to Edinburgh With TrainPal

To get the cheapest train ticket to Edinburgh, you need to be very savvy when buying tickets. But don't worry, we are here to give you the best advice to save money. Until you realize it, you will have some extra money to spend in the city instead of just using it to go there!

Let's start our money-saving list, first of all, be sure to buy train tickets in advance. In some cases, the price of a train ticket will increase as the departure date approaches. So, by buying a pre-sale ticket as far in advance as possible, you will give yourself a better chance of getting a cheap train ticket to Edinburgh.

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When buying advance tickets, try to book your tickets during off-peak hours. When selecting a train ticket, be sure to check all the tickets in the drop-down menu as we will highlight the cheapest off-peak tickets.

Before you buy a ticket, make sure that the price of your return ticket is actually lower than the price of two one-way tickets. Sometimes one method may be cheaper than the other. The same is true of the chosen arrival station. When you choose "Edinburgh, Any" and a particular train station, try to check their price differences. 

In particular, it is worth noting that if you choose to buy direct train tickets or split train tickets, their final prices will be different. Split train tickets will stop at different stations. Although the time will be extended, in some cases it will be cheaper to buy split train tickets than direct train tickets.

Are you traveling to Edinburgh with a group of two or more people? Then, you can also get a certain discount on the fare, thanks to the group purchase of train tickets. This is a very useful money saving technique. Please note that these group tickets are not available for all journeys, and if your journey proves valid and you select from the train ticket drop-down menu, these group tickets will automatically apply. All tickets must be purchased at one time, and all passengers must travel together on the day of departure.

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