Picturesque Northampton-Where M1 Motorway Runs through the North and South of the UK

Famous Attractions in Northampton

Northampton is located in the middle of the UK with outstanding traffic advantages. It is 96 kilometers away from London and only 78 kilometers away from Birmingham. It is crossed by the M1 motorway, which runs through the north and south of the UK. Local people in Northampton still use trains and buses as the main means of transportation, which is convenient and cheap.

1) Althorp House

Althorp House is located in the north of Northampton. It is a first-class protected building in the United Kingdom. In fact, Althorp House is similar to other ordinary English manors. There is nothing more than an elegant and luxurious castle, a green lawn, and a peaceful lake. However, the late Princess Diana put a layer of mystery on it because it was the place where Diana spent her happy childhood and where she was buried after her death. Now that Princess Diana has passed away, we can only go to Althorp House to remember the fallen angel.

2) Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone Circuit, the birthplace of British motor racing, is located about 100km north of London and about 30km away from Northampton. It was built in 1943 as a bomber military airfield during World War II. In 1948, the Grand Prix was held here. In 1950, Silverstone Circuit became the venue for the first World Formula One Championship (F1 Championship).

3) Castle Ashby House

Castle Ashby House is the ancestral house of the 7th Marquis of Northampton. It was first built in 1306 and then was rebuilt and expanded several times in the 16th century and the 18th century. Now, it covers an area of 10,000 acres. Ashby Castle Estate is a typical Elizabethan luxury manor. It has been listed as a first-class protected building in the United Kingdom. The gardens, the small zoo, the play area for children, and the teahouse in it are all impressive. The garden is a combination of Italian gardens, unique orange gardens, and botanical gardens.

Convenient Transportation in Northampton

The transportation is convenient in Northampton. It is 96 kilometers from London and 78 kilometers from Birmingham. As a satellite town of London, trains are also an important means of transportation for local commuters. So not only can you buy cheap train tickets to Northampton on the official website of Trainpal when traveling, but you can also buy tickets on it for commuting if you are local people in Northampton. It is so convenient!