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If you're after Gatwick Express train tickets, look no further. At TrainPal, we'll show you where Gatwick Express can take you and how to book the best value fares for your journey. To find Gatwick Express tickets, simply start a search above, and we'll show you the best available journey times and prices. Keep reading for more information on classes, onboard amenities, destinations, and cheap train ticket tips.

About Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express, an airport train operated by the National Express Group, runs between Victoria Station in the South East of England and London Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Express, formerly the rail operator of the National Express Group, operated the line independently until 22 June 2008. After the concession ended, both the concession and the former railroad company were transferred to Southern. The Gatwick Express runs non-stop on eight British Rail 460 trains every 15 minutes on average with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes. Unlike the Heathrow Express, this line is not part of the National Rail Network. As of July 2008, Express Class (standard class) costs £17.90 one way, higher than stop routes such as Southern Capital Connect and First Capital Connect. Discounts are not available to passengers on Gatwick Express. The Gatwick Express chooses his three artists to record exclusive music. With cellist and film score composer Philip Shepard, electronic music pioneer dubstep, producer and his Radio 1 DJ Benga, and groundbreaking British band The Milk, each in his 30 minutes Offer a different take. A long journey from the city of London to the airport. Passengers can download the toll-free number from the website online purchase form. Once the download is complete, the passenger transfers the music to his mobile device, puts on headphones and presses play, and the express train leaves Victoria station. You can enjoy moving music while the scenery outside the train window changes. Known for its customer innovation, Gatwick's exclusive music offers complimentary pre-trip music to all passengers who purchase tickets online. Gatwick Express strives to improve the quality of the 30 minute journey and provide the traveler experience. Our exclusive music is a unique compilation of music that accompanies the Express journey.With the participation of these artists, the Gatwick Express is a meaningful way to travel to the airport.

Gatwick Express Route Map

Unsure about where to start your Gatwick Express adventure? Use our map to plan out where you want to go. From London, you can enjoy high-speed services to destinations like Liverpool, Edinburgh and Manchester. Gatwick Express are one of the primary rail operators in the UK, providing services from London Euston and a number of major terminals including Birmingham New Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Liverpool Lime Street. Many of the routes feature high-speed services with no changes required, making Gatwick Express an excellent alternative to air travel if you're looking to traverse up or down the length of the country.

What can Gatwick Express offers

The Gatwick Express is a fast, easy and hassle-free way to travel between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria. Also, if you book your train tickets online, you will get a 10% discount and get the best price.
  • 1. Delay Repay
  • Is Gatwick Express service delayed and made you late? If you are more than 15 minutes late, you can claim delay repay.
  • 2. Assisted travel
  • Do you have special travel needs? We promise comfortable and accessible travel for everyone. The Passenger Assist travel assistance program is available not only for customers with disabilities, but also for seniors who need a little help when using our services.
  • How to Get Cheap Gatwick Express tickets

    Looking for cheap train tickets on Gatwick Express routes? We've got you covered! Check out the suggestions below and discover tips you can use to save on your next train journey.
    Book in advance
    Book in advance
    If you're planning your journey in advance, take note that UK train tickets are generally available to book 3 months before the departure date. Keep an eye out for Advance tickets - they tend to be cheaper but have the potential to sell out quickly, especially on popular routes.
    Travel Off-Peak
    Travel Off-Peak
    Looking to save on UK trains? Book reduced fares by selecting times of the day that aren't so busy. When you search for trains with us, we'll show you all of the options available for your trip and point out low-priced recommendations.
    Split Tickets
    TrainPal can help travellers save up to 95.25% of the original rail fare in the U.K. In addition to the traditional split ticketing features, TrainPal also offers a flexible split ticketing option which give travellers the best value to help you save even more. First class split tickets are also available.
    Use your Railcard
    National Railcards offer up to 1/3 off train tickets in the UK and can be a great investment if you travel a few times or more in a year. Find out how you can save with a TrainPal Railcard.

    Gatwick Express Train Classes

    Standard Class

    • Free WiFi

    First Class

    • You can use our power sockets throughout and complimentary Wi-Fi

    Travelling with a Railcard

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    More info about Gatwick Express

    Is there a cost for WiFi?
    No, it’s free for all passengers.
    Which network do I connect to?
    You can Look for: GatwickExpress_WiFi, GreatNorthern_WiFi, Southern_WiFi,Thameslink_WiFi.
    3. I lost something on the train or at the station. what should I do?
    First, fill out the online lost and found form. After you receive the form, the Lost and Found Center will do all they can to find your item. If found, we will contact you to arrange the return. Usually within 2 weeks. Please note that some lost items may not be found. We will contact you only if the item you are looking for is found.
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