Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information: updates, disruptions and refund policies
  • Reservation & ticket collection

    1. How do I collect my tickets?

    You can collect tickets from ANY valid ticket machine in the UK. Please follow these instructions:

    Step 1: Tap 'Collect Pre-Paid Tickets' at the ticket machine.

    Step 2: Insert the payment card you used to purchase your tickets. Your card will not be charged.

    Step 3: Enter your Booking Reference number (shown in 'My Tickets' or in your confirmation email).

    Step 4: Tap 'Print' on the screen and wait for your tickets to be printed.

    Important tips:

    - If you have any problems collecting your tickets from the self-service ticket machine, please go immediately to the station booking office.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


    2. Can I reserve a seat?

    Yes, no matter what type of ticket you reserve, you can book seats for free. However seat reservations are not guaranteed, and some train operators even do not offer seat reservations at all. Even if there are no reservations, your ticket is still valid. You can sit in any empty, unreserved seat.

    We always try our best to reserve seats for you by using the preferences you offered us. If you don't get a seat reservation, there may be several reasons:

    (1) Reservable seat allocation is fully booked, or you book tickets near departure time and seat reservations are closed. Don't worry. Some seats are always unreserved. You can sit in any empty unreserved seat.

    (2) The train operator you are traveling on does not provide seat reservations for the train, which is common in shorter routes and peak travel times on commuter routes. On these trains, you can sit in any vacant seat reserved for the class.

    (3) You booked your ticket before your seat was opened. Seat reservations are usually open three months in advance. If you book a flexible ticket (at any time, non-peak or ultra-high peak), you will not be able to get a seat, but you can reserve a seat closer to the seat. Time.

    3. Can I change my seat reservation?

    We are sorry that seat reservations cannot be changed for the moment.

    4. Can I upgrade my ticket to first class?

    Yes, you can upgrade your ticket to First Class at any time before you board the train.

    Usually, the fare will be the cost of the First Class ticket(s) for the journey you wish to make, minus the value of the ticket you hold.

    Please be aware that buying a ticket on the train, if you had the opportunity to buy beforehand, may leave you liable to a Penalty Fare.

  • Train delays and cancellation

    1. Delay repays

    If your train is delayed and you decide to travel still, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation you can claim depends on the operator you travelled with.

    According to the company's passenger charter, each train company sets its own level of compensation. Links to all operators'charters are provided here.

    You may not receive compensation if:

    - The disruption was announced in advance.

    - An emergency timetable was in operation.

    - The cause of the delay was beyond the rail operator's control.

    2. What if your train is cancelled?

    If the train is cancelled, you may apply for a full refund, but this is assessed by the individual rail operator concerned. You can claim for a delay repay via our app.
    If you have any further questions, please email our customer service team at:
  • Refund & change

    1. How do I refund my ticket?

    Advance tickets are our cheapest fare and are non-refundable.

    Off-peak or Anytime tickets are refundable, subject to a standard £10 charge per person, per ticket. You can get a refund up to 28 days from the expiry date on your Off-peak or Anytime ticket. Please follow these instructions:

    Step 1: Open the app and click "My Tickets".

    Step 2: Select the ticket that you want to change.

    Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the "Ticket Information" page and click the "Refund" button.

    If you have printed the tickets, please send them and your booking reference to the following address:

    Train service team

    First Floor, 1 Lochrin Square

    92 Fountain Bridge


    United Kingdom

    EH3 9QA

    2. How do I change my ticket?

    For Advance tickets:

    - Advance fares are valid only on the date and train shown on the ticket and seat reservation. These are non-refundable.

    - Changes to the time or date of travel must be arranged before the departure of the first reserved train, which is printed on the ticket. After this time the ticket cannot be altered and a new one must be purchased. You will need to present the ticket(s) and reservation(s) when you request an alteration.

    - The origin, destination and train company or route shown on the ticket(s) must remain the same.

    - Changes to tickets cannot be made on-board the train. If you board a train without a ticket and reservation for that service, a new ticket must be purchased. Depending on the train company you are travelling with, you may be liable to a Penalty Fare if you board the train with an invalid ticket.

    - The difference between the price paid and cost of the next suitable fare for your journey is payable, plus an administration fee of up to £10 per person, per single ticket for each change to a journey. If you change to a train on which a cheaper fare is available, the difference will not be refunded.

    - If you decide to change your ticket, please contact our customer service team at

    For Off-Peak or Anytime tickets:

    Please refund your original tickets first and then buy new tickets. There is a standard £10 charge per person, per single ticket for each change to a journey. Please follow these refund instructions:

    Step 1: Open the app and click "My Tickets".

    Step 2: Select the ticket you want to change.

    Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the "Ticket Information" page and click the "Refund" button.

    If you have printed the tickets, please send them, with your booking reference, to the following address:

    Train service team

    First Floor

    1 Lochrin Square

    92 Fountain Bridge


    United Kingdom

    EH3 9QA

  • Split tickets

    1. What are split tickets?

    When you want to travel from Station A to Station C, you would expect to buy a ticket going directly from A to C. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and then one from B to C. This means you could buy two independent tickets for the same journey, pay much less. The same applies to buying tickets more than two. What’s more, you may even find it much cheaper if you accept flexible journey. For example, buy two tickets from A to B and from B to C, with 10 minutes wait at Station B. These concept are what we called split tickets, and it helps passengers saving a lot money.

    2. How do you use split tickets?

    If you buy the same journey split tickets, travelling using split tickets travel exactly the same way they would have on a regular, “straight-through” train ticket. The only difference is that by splitting their tickets they may have paid a lot less for the same journey. You still travel at the same times.

    If you buy the flexible journey split tickets, you might have to check and follow the stop that we show you when you buy the tickets if needed.

    Whatever split journey, those cheaper tickets would cover the whole journey, instead of one more expensive ticket. The only condition when using split tickets is that the train you take must stop at all the places you have bought tickets for and not just pass through them.

    3. Are split tickets legal?

    Split ticketing is perfectly legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Carriage, under which all train operating companies on the national rail network operate.

    4. Will it work on any journey?

    To get your route at the price listed, the tickets you buy (and the journey you take) need to exactly match the tickets shown. This includes ticket type (e.g. Peak or Off-peak), destination and journey time. Otherwise it may cost more.

    5. Does it work with railcards?

    Yes. You're just buying normal tickets and, provided your railcard is valid on them, there's no problem. On odd occasions splitting without using a railcard works out even cheaper.

    6. Can I split advance tickets?

    Yes. The savings can be fantastic. We offer split tickets with all ticket types: Advance, Off-peak, Anytime, and other types that you could find. You may find it much cheaper with advance split tickets.

    7. Take care if you need to change trains

    7.1. My route involves changing trains - is my train being late a problem?

    If you're travelling on a time-specific, Advance ticket, or an Anytime ticket, train delays won't be a problem. This is because Anytime tickets are already fully flexible, so you can use them on any train. With Advance tickets, if the first train is late and causes you to miss your connection, you can get a later train with the same company at no extra cost.

    However, if you're travelling on an Off-peak ticket, a train delay before your split could be a problem. This is because Off-peak tickets require you to travel at specific times. So, in the rare event that the train delay takes you outside the Off-peak time, you'll have to pay the extra to make it up to a Peak ticket.

    7.2. What if the train is delayed after my split?

    If the train is delayed after the split in your journey, there's no need to worry - as you'll already be on it. We suggest putting your feet up (not on the seats though) and enjoying the journey.

    If you have any further questions, please send email to

  • Ticket Purchase

    1. Can I trust Trainpal to buy italian train tickets?

    TrainPal is owned by the Ctrip Group and officially authorised by Trenitalia and NTV Italo. Ctrip Group has been an NASDAQ listed company since 2003 (NASDAQ: CTRP) with over 30,000 employees and over 300 million members, making it one of the leading online travel agencies in the world.
    Ctrip Group has signed an agreement with Trenitalia and NTV Italo to enable the sales of Italy rail tickets. Trenitalia is the primary train supplier in Italy which provides both high speed train and regional train services.

    2. Do I need to buy Italian train tickets in advance?

    Italy rail tickets are unusual to sell out but cheapest train fares on popular high speed train routes can sell out fast, like Rome to Venice train, Milan to Rome train and Milan to Florence train.
    Price of rail tickets with different levels of flexibility can vary. Super economy is the cheapest fare which can not be refunded or changed and usually the first type of fares to sell out. Economy can not be refunded but can be changed once before departure. Base is the most flexible and expensive fare with maximum flexibility: unlimited free changes and refund subject to a fee before departure.
    To get the cheapest price on high speed train, we recommend you to book Italy train tickets in advance. If you can not decide a travel time, Base fare is advised to enjoy a hassle-free travel.
  • High Speed Train

    1. Do I need to buy high speed train?

    When in Italy, train travel is a unique experience.TrenItalia and NTV Italo provides very well know Italian high speed train lines which run through the heart of Italy. TrenItalia has two major lines connecting most of the cities in Italy in fastest and shortest way.
    The trains are part of experience which must not be missed while train travelling around Italy as the top speeds go up to 300 km per hour.
    There are mainly two types of Long distance trains of Trenitalia: the Frecce (arrows) and Intercity trains.
    Intercity trains also go to medium-sized cities and the big cities so they’re slower and cheaper compared to Frecce which are superfast trains.

    2. What are the differences between services Standard / Premium / Business / Executive on an Italian train?

    In most Italy high speed trains, here are two different classes: 2nd Class and 1st Class. 2nd Class is the most common choice while 1st Class provides better services and bigger space.
    On Frecciarossa, the flagship train of Trenitalia, four different service levels (or classes) are offered:
    Standard – Its 2nd class and most cheapest and most easiest option which is basic and comes with reclining seats, free wifi and LED lighting.
    Premium – Basically it’s same as 2nd class but the space in the compartment is more. It has all the services of 2nd class but more legroom, space for the seats and welcome snacks.
    Business-1st class or Business is designed has lots of extra train services. The space between seats is more than one metre. Welcome service includes newspaper in the morning, snacks and drinks.
    Executive- Premium 1st class, Executive class has all the services of 1st class but on top of that, it’s like a long distance in-flight service: Leather chair with extended leg room, wide space between seats and exclusive rail service.
  • Ticket collection

    1. Should I print the ticket?

    On all Italy train routes, we provide you e-tickets which will be sent to your email. If you book Italy rail tickets via Trainpal application, you can easily check your tickets on phone.
    E-ticket is a pdf and will not need to print out. To board the train or after boarding, you can just show the pdf to the train ticket inspector.
  • Refund & change

    1. How can I refund my tickets?

    Most tickets can not be refunded or changed after train departure time.

    For tickets are refundable depending on the fare conditions of Trenitalia/Italo, we support you to online refund your tickets with TrainPal application.

    Step 1: Open the app and click "My Tickets".

    Step 2: Select the ticket that you want to refund.

    Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the "Ticket Information" page and click the "Refund" button.

    For refunding tickets booked without registration or login on Trainpal or changing tickets, please kindly contact our customer service team at

    2. How can I change my tickets?

    Most tickets can not be refunded or changed after train departure time.
    For tickets are echangeable depending on the fare conditions of Trenitalia/Italo, please kindly contact our customer service team at
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