Ticket Refunds and Changes

Train Ticket Refunds

How to refund a train ticket in the UK?

Step 1: Find the booking you wish to cancel on our website in ‘My Booking’.

Step 2: Click on "Manage my booking", select 'Refund tickets', then click on "Request refund". Refunds can take an average of 3-5 days to process.

Step 3: You can check the status of your refund in your account.

Here's a guide to what the statuses mean:

Refunded/ Refund Approved: You've completed all the necessary steps and your refund is on its way back to you. It should appear in your account within 5 days.

Refund Processing/ Refund Action Required: Before we can process your refund, we may need you to return your tickets.

Refund Rejected: We are unable to refund your tickets. This could be because you have already scanned your e-ticket or activated your Mobile Ticket.


Can I refund my ticket due to special circumstances?

Providing your tickets meet the requirements for cancellation, you can cancel them yourself in the TrainPal App. To do so, find the relevant booking in your booking list, select the refund option, and choose your reason for requesting a refund.

Tickets will be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances:

(1) The train has been cancelled (and tickets have not been used)

If your train is cancelled and you decide not to travel, you are entitled to a full refund. Tickets are refundable for 28 days after the expiry date.

(2) Illness or death of a relative (if tickets have not been used)

Upload proof to support your request and provide details about why you weren't able to travel. We'll review your request within 3 working days.

The proof you upload must be valid and relevant. The more details you provide (such as names, dates, a message from your hospital, or a certificate approved by a doctor), the easier it will be for us to review your request.

(3) Tickets cannot be printed or used:

If you're still at the station, please go to the ticket office and ask for help.

If the station is unattended, you need to upload a screenshot or a photograph of the ticket machine showing that your tickets couldn't be printed or that your e-tickets couldn't be scanned, and provide details to support your request. Once this is done, buy a new ticket on the TrainPal App and we will review your refund request within 3 working days.


Can I get a full refund if the train is rescheduled?

Yes. If the train is delayed or cancelled, you can get a full refund, or you can apply for a claim from the train operator/carrier.


Can I choose to cancel only part of my itinerary?

Yes. You can cancel part of your itinerary:

If you have a combination of Advance and Flexible tickets, you can request a refund for the tickets that are eligible for a refund.

If all of your tickets are Flexible tickets, you have the option to cancel only a part of your itinerary or all itinerary.

If all of your tickets are Advance tickets. I’m sorry, Advance tickets are non-refundable, unless your train is delayed or cancelled and you choose not to travel.


Can I get a refund for my split ticket?

The Flexible tickets are refundable. The Advance tickets can only be changed. However, if you have a combination of Advance and Flexible tickets, then all of the tickets can be changed.


Do I need to return my tickets to get my refund?

If you have received your tickets from the station:

You have 28 days from the expiry of the ticket to request a refund and return your tickets. Please send all the relevant tickets back to the designated address. Once we receive your ticket, we will process your refund within 5 working days. The money will be refunded to the original account used to purchase the tickets.

If you have not yet collected your tickets from the station:

You do not need to collect them to get a refund. Just contact the station counter to request a refund.

If your tickets are still in the machine:

There is nothing you need to do. We will send you a confirmation email once we receive your request, and then process your refund within 5 days. The money will be refunded to your original payment method.

If your tickets are digital tickets:

Before we can process a refund for a Mobile ticket, you will need to remove the ticket from your device. Tickets that have already been activated are non-refundable. For e-tickets, no action is required. We will then process your refund within 5 days.


Can I cancel a ticket refund request?

No, cancelling a ticket for a refund is currently not supported on TrainPal.


How much are the refund or change fees for train tickets?

The admin fee is charged by the supplier

Ticket price / Change fee per ticket

Up to £1.99 / No fee

£2.00 to £4.99 / £0.99 fee

£5.00 to £9.99 / £2.50 fee

£10.00 to £14.99 / £6.00 fee

Over £15.00 / £10.00 fee

Ticket price / Refund fee per ticket

Up to £1.99 / No fee

£2.00 to £2.99 / £0.99 fee

£3.00 to £3.99 / £1.49 fee

£4.00 to £4.99 / £1.99 fee

£5.00 to £5.99 / £2.99 fee

£6.00 to £6.99 / £3.99 fee

Over £7.00 / £4.99 fee

Please note that if you are using another currency, the admin fee will be calculated in said currency.


When will I get my refund?

Refunds can take an average of 3-5 days to process. You can check the status of your refund in your account.

Please note:

We only refund the card that was originally used for the booking. This is to ensure that the refund is directed to the correct account and to avoid any issues.

If your account is closed and the refund has not appeared in your new account after 15 days, please contact your card issuer. They will be holding the funds for you and can arrange a transfer to your new account.

If your card issuer has confirmed that the refund funds have been sent back to us, please obtain an ARN number from them to assist us in tracing the returned refund.


Train Ticket Changes

How do I change my ticket?

Advance Single tickets:

Changes are only allowed for a different time/date of travel, so you need to stick to the same departure and arrival stations.

For e-ticket bookings you pay the difference between your original ticket and new ticket, plus a change fee. If your new ticket is cheaper than the original, then you only book but the difference will not be refunded.

For paper tickets we refund you whichever ticket is the lowest priced between your original or new ticket. From this we deduct a change fee based on the value of the ticket.

Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Anytime tickets:

These types of tickets can’t be changed, sorry. But, they are refundable so you can cancel these and buy the new ones you want.

Just to remind that these tickets are flexible tickets, so it’s worth first double checking to see if they are valid for the new time or date you want to travel.


Can I choose to only change part of my itinerary?

If you have a combination of Advance and Flexible tickets, you can request a change for the tickets that are eligible for a change.

If all of your tickets are Advance, you have the option to change only part of your itinerary. Please note that a fare difference may be charged.

To change your tickets, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the TrainPal App.

Step 2: Log in to your current account or the email associated with your order.

Step 3: Agree to import tickets in the TrainPal App - My tickets.

Step 4: Locate your bookings in "My tickets".

Step 5: Select "Change".


How do I change my split tickets?

Split tickets that include Advance tickets:

Please make a new booking before the departure time of your original ticket. Then, inform us of the new booking number by visiting "My Bookings" > "Change" or by going to the account section and selecting "Contact Us". One of our customer support agents will assist you in changing your original Advance ticket.

Please ensure that the route (departure and arrival stations) remains the same as that of the original ticket. Only the date and time can be modified. Additionally, any fare difference will need to be paid.

We will review your request within 3 working days. If there are no issues, we will refund your original booking (a processing fee may be required).


Can I change the stations for my journey?

Advance tickets:

With an Advance ticket, you are not permitted to interrupt your journey, except for changing between trains.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets:

With an Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak ticket, in most cases, you are allowed to break your journey at any point. However, if there are any exceptions to this, they will be indicated in the restrictions displayed on your ticket.

Anytime tickets:

With an Anytime ticket, you may be required to travel via a specific route or train company, as specified on your ticket. However, you are allowed to break your journey at any point, and even multiple times if desired. This means that you do not have to complete your entire journey on the same day.


When purchasing an Advance, Off-Peak, or Super Off-Peak train ticket, it will come with a restriction code. This code indicates any specific times or routes for which your ticket is not valid.


Can I change a pre-booked train ticket?

Generally it’s based on the corresponding page prompt and the ticket type.

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