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Our Purpose

In the UK and across Europe, governments are striving to reach zero net emissions by 2050 and have enacted legislation to meet this goal. Transportation is the largest source of domestic greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and it accounts for more than one-fifth of emissions across Europe. This means that changes in people's methods of travel have a significant impact on the environment, and choosing a cleaner and greener mode of travel can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Data shows that for the same distance, the carbon emissions from flying are 20 times that of train travel, while emissions from travelling by car are 7 times that of train travel.

TrainPal has always prioritized providing its users with high-quality travel services. On this basis, we continue to innovate in the industry and encourage users to select greener methods of travel by offering a more comfortable ticket booking and travel experience.

Currently, our users have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000 tons, and they're projected to save 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the next three years. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 1.8 million trees during the same period.

In addition to helping our users make more sustainable travel choices, we support our team which shares a passion for protecting the environment by making greener choices for themselves. Our travel policy encourages our employees to choose public transport for long-distance travel, seamlessly combining trains with bicycles, walking, etc. to complete each journey.

What's more, TrainPal encourages users to select eTickets when travelling.

E-tickets not only save on paper, but they also cut down on time spent queueing with others in the face of the pandemic. eTickets also allow travellers to enter the station quickly and conveniently - it goes without saying that eTickets are the best choice for the environment. On TrainPal, users can also buy digital Railcards at a low price. TrainPal is working to push forward Railcard digitization, which helps by decreasing the number of plastic cards that are issued as well as reducing emissions.


TrainPal has launched PalGreen Energy, an indicator that can be used to measure the reduction of carbon emissions through travel. It reflects the amount of carbon emissions that users reduce when they don't take transport.


Users can view the carbon emissions they've reduced when travelling with TrainPal by visiting the My Bookings page within the TrainPal app.

Users can also check whether they've maintained green travel habits on a yearly and monthly basis, and share annual and monthly reports with friends.


In addition, the app includes a cultivation system where small trees can be grown as a reflection of the contributions they've made.

We've also launched a brand new badge achievement system. Through the system, users can unlock badges by booking trains, coaches, and other means of transportation. They'll also earn more advanced badges as they continue to accumulate PalGreen Energy.

In addition, TrainPal is building a more interesting PalGreen system and working with its users to achieve net-zero emissions in the UK and Europe.



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Your money-saving, rail & bus ticketing App