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Cheap Train Tickets from Bradford to Blackpool

Price for Friday 1st March 2024
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The best way to find a cheap train ticket from Bradford to Blackpool is to book your trip as far in advance as possible and avoid travelling at peak times.
If you buy a train ticket now for Friday 1st March 2024 from Bradford to Blackpool, the average fare is around £9.53, but the cheapest tickets can be found for just £7.50.
02 Mar
03 Mar
04 Mar
05 Mar
06 Mar
07 Mar
08 Mar
1h 51m
Bradford Interchange
Blackpool North
1h 52m
Bradford Interchange
Blackpool North
1h 48m
Bradford Interchange
Blackpool North
1h 51m
Bradford Interchange
Blackpool North
1h 47m
Bradford Interchange
Blackpool North
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Please note that fares are subject to change based on your search criteria. We kindly ask you to check the prices after searching for your desired routes.

Bradford to Blackpool Train Journey Information

Effortlessly plan your journey from Bradford to Blackpool. Discover the earliest and latest train times, departure and arrival stations, distance, travel duration, and pricing options to enhance your trip.

First train
Last train
Departure station
Arrival station
53 miles
Journey time
From 4h 15m
From £7.50
Train operators
Avanti West Coast, Grand Central, TransPennine Express

Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any) Train Travel Guide

Train travel from Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any) offers convenient and efficient commuting or exploration, ensuring passengers enjoy timely arrivals. For a flawless travel experience, please consult our Train Journey Planner.

Plan Your Train Journey

The train from Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any) takes approximately 4h 15m. The first train departs at 06:59 and the last train leaves at 10:23. 2 trains run daily from Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any). Use our Train Journey Planner and Timetable for more details.

Book Cheap Train Tickets

Train tickets from Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any) are available with Split Ticket and Advance tickets. The average fare is around £14.20, while the cheapest fare is £7.50. Besides, you can book cheap tickets on off-peak time, which usually begin at 09:30.(Intercity Off-Peak times: Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 16:00, and after 19:00) . Accurate ticket prices vary depending on the time of day, route, and class selected.

Save More on Bradford (any) to Blackpool (any) Train Fares

Explore more money-saving tips for your train journeys. Start saving today and enjoy affordable train travel with TrainPal.

<a href="/split-ticket">Split tickets</a>

Split tickets

Break the journey into sections for potential cheaper rail fares.
<a href="/">Book in advance</a>

Book in advance

Save on long journeys with Advance tickets. Buy up to 12 weeks ahead.
Off-Peak train tickets

Off-Peak train tickets

Cheaper train tickets for less busy times. Combine with Advance fares for the best deals.
<a href="/railcard-guide">Use a Railcard</a>

Use a Railcard

Save 1/3 on train fares with multiple Railcards available.
Save with Season Tickets

Save with Season Tickets

Unlimited travel between 2 stations. Save more than daily tickets.
Travel in groups

Travel in groups

GroupSave on Off-Peak tickets: 1/3 off for groups of 3-9 adults.

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