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Can I trust TrainPal to buy Italian train tickets?

TrainPal, owned by the Ctrip Group and authorised by Trenitalia and NTV Italo, is a trusted platform for booking rail tickets in Italy.

The Ctrip Group, listed as CTRP on NASDAQ since 2003, is a global online travel agency with over 30,000 employees and 300 million members, making it a leading player in the industry.

The Ctrip Group has partnered with Trenitalia and NTV Italo to simplify the process of purchasing rail tickets in Italy. Trenitalia is the primary train provider, offering both high-speed and regional services.


Do I need to buy Italian train tickets in advance for cheaper?

Italy rail tickets generally do not sell out, but the cheapest fares on popular high-speed routes, like Rome to Venice, Milan to Rome, and Milan to Florence, can sell out quickly.

Ticket prices vary based on flexibility.

Super economy fares are the cheapest but cannot be refunded or changed and are usually the first to sell out.

Economy fares can be changed once before departure but cannot be refunded.

Base fares are the most flexible and expensive, allowing unlimited changes and refunds with a fee before departure.

To secure the lowest price on high-speed trains, it is recommended to book Italy train tickets in advance. If you are unsure about your travel time, the Base fare is recommended for a hassle-free journey.


Do I need to buy a high speed train?

When travelling in Italy, train travel offers a unique experience. TrenItalia and NTV Italo are well-known high-speed train operators that run through the heart of Italy. TrenItalia operates two major lines that connect most cities in Italy in the fastest and shortest way possible.

The trains themselves are an essential part of the experience and shouldn't be missed while exploring Italy, as they can reach top speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Trenitalia operates mainly two types of long-distance trains: the Frecce (arrows) and Intercity trains. Intercity trains also serve medium-sized and large cities, so they are slower and cheaper compared to the Frecce, which are superfast train


What are the differences between services Standard / Premium / Business / Executive on an Italian train?

In most high-speed trains in Italy, there are two classes: 2nd Class and 1st Class. 2nd Class is the most common choice, while 1st Class offers better services and more space.

On Frecciarossa, Trenitalia's flagship train, four service levels (or classes) are available:


It's 2nd class, the cheapest option, with basic features like reclining seats, free wifi, and LED lighting.


Similar to 2nd class, but with more compartment space. It includes all 2nd class services, plus extra legroom, seat space, and welcome snacks.


1st class or Business class, designed with additional train services. Seats have over a metre of space between them. The welcome service includes a morning newspaper, snacks, and drinks.


Premium 1st class, Executive class offers all 1st class services, with additional features similar to long-distance in-flight service: leather chairs with extended legroom, wide space between seats, and exclusive rail service.


Should I print the ticket of Italy rail?

On all train routes in Italy, we offer e-tickets sent to your email. If you book Italy rail tickets through the TrainPal app, you can easily access them on your phone.

The e-ticket is in PDF format and doesn't require printing. Simply show the PDF to the train ticket inspector when boarding.

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